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    ファッション業界の大量廃棄が当たり前とされている現実に、解体と再生を意味する“Demolition + Reproduction”をコンセプトとしている。ブランド名はこれらの単語を組み合わせた造語→『DEPROID』








    Business activities using the minimum, minimum human resources and products in a small market.

    The theme is to propose a new style by transforming discarded clothes by remaking and printing.

    We are diversifying with the cooperation of various models with the stance of having men's standard products worn regardless of gender.

    In the reality that mass disposal in the fashion industry is taken for granted,
    The concept is “Demolition + Reproduction,” which means dismantling and reproduction. The brand name is a coined word that combines these words → "DEPROID"

    Rather than sticking to mass production of all products from scratch,Propose ready-made products that are in excess inventory, and remake and reproduce them based on them.

    Our policy is to produce and sell products in the most appropriate way to express the present.

    The number of production and sales is also limited, and the number of sales on the sales site is also controlled.

    By presenting an antithesis to the fashion industry, where the balance between supply and demand has collapsed due to mass production, he stands extremely on the side of the consumer.
    It is an anti-establishment and pioneering effort.

    sales approach
    Focusing on street-conscious designs, we have developed a wide range of items, such as works by creators and lines from domestic and overseas manufacturers.

    a) DEPROID Original Line

    b) DEPROID Creator Line

    c) DEPROID Sponsor Line